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[Webinar] The New Era of Agility in Marketing

October 15, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team
The Era of Agility in Marketing


Agile Marketing

The concept of Agile Marketing - the ability to adjust marketing supply to meet changing consumer demand - has been around for a while. Today’s market is characterized by continuous change, and the need for marketers to work within an agile construct and to deliver clients a faster rate of return has never been more important.

It is not the speed at which you execute your marketing programs; it is the speed at which you can take new marketing mix ideas and turn them into results. How fast can you change your product, adjust your price, deliver a new promotion or shift your channels to anticipate and satisfy ever-changing customer needs? This is marketing agility.

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Watch this webinar where MediaCrossing CEO & Founder Michael Kalman addresses:

How Has Consumer Behavior Shifted
What an Agile Agency Can Provide
The Democratization of Tech

Presented in partnership with Ivy Exec. Want to learn more about how you can work with an agile agency partner to revenue-driven results? Send us an email at info@mediacrossing.com

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