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Been There, Done That: Four Ways We’ve Learned To Keep Ads Off Unsavory Sites

December 8, 2016 by Aimee

I’m sure you haven’t missed the headlines lately about brands like Kellogg’s and the San Diego Zoo pulling their ads from Breitbart News. For the most part, big-name advertisers promptly pulled their ads, since they don’t want consumers associating their brands with fake news, racism and hate. What the public probably – and unfortunately – doesn’t realize is that these ads were placed programmatically, and were never intentionally run on Breitbart or any other unsavory site. In fact, many advertisers claimed that they didn’t even know their ads were there.

For a lot of advertisers, this issue underscores the brand safety concerns that have plagued programmatic advertising since day one. From fake news sites to hate speech, buying brand-safe media in the digital world seems more challenging than ever....

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