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Controlling Your Destiny - How to Secure Brand Success in a post COVID-19 World

April 20, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team
covid-19 brand strategy

The importance of maintaining brand awareness in the midst of uncertainty.

Many marketers will agree that establishing a strong brand presence plays a crucial role in customer acquisition and sale driving strategies. In light of COVID-19, maintaining brand relevance presents its own set of unique challenges. Increased shopping restrictions, fleeting brand loyalty, and shifts in consumer priorities are just a few obstacles marketers are facing during this time, leaving them to completely rethink their previous branding approach.

In the midst of uncertainty, one this is certain - if advertisers want to secure success in a post COVID-19 world, they must maintain the momentum in keeping up their brand awareness strategy - here’s why:

Consumers will remember the time your brand was there when the competition wasn’t.

As social distancing measures continue to be put in place, customers are refraining from spending excessive amounts of time in stores, and are sticking to purchasing only the basic necessities. In addition to this, major online retailers are giving shipping priority to essential items, resulting in shipping delays and extended wait times for certain products. As a result, customers are putting brand loyalty on the back burner, and are tempering their selectivity to match marketplace availability.

If your brand utilizes a DTC model and can be accessed digitally, try focusing your marketing efforts on promoting this availability and convenience through your online channels. Putting your brand front and center as both an easily accessible and viable solution for customers will result in more positive experiences with your brand.  

Consumers will remember how your brand handled the situation.

Depending on your product or service, encouraging customers to transact during this time may come off as insensitive or untimely. If this is the case, there are plenty of ways you can continue to build positive brand awareness without pushing sales. If your business has taken any sort of action to help the community during this time, think of ways you can relay this message to customers via digital platforms.

In addition to this, brainstorm messaging or content strategies that promote positivity or encourage consumer wellbeing. Once business begins to ramp back up, you’ll want customers to fondly reflect on the actions your brand took during this time.

Consumers will remember how your brand made them feel.

Even if your product isn’t considered essential at this time, your brand can still do its part in providing solutions to customers. Think of ways your brand can act as an emotional outlet, by evoking feelings of positivity, comfort, or optimism for the future.

For example, if you’re advertising a skincare product, can your brand fit the needs of a customer who’s in search of the perfect skincare solution to fit their self-care quarantine routine? Can your brand instill feelings of excitement for warm summer months when consumers are typically in-market for skin protection products? Although it may require tweaking brand messaging or creative, the investment will be well worth it when consumers are able to associate your brand with feelings of positivity.

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