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Crown Laboratories: Meeting Market Opportunity

June 25, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team

How Crown Laboratories used existing resources to support manufacturing hand sanitizer.

Crown Laboratories is dedicated to providing comprehensive skincare solutions for life-long healthy skin. The parent company is responsible for over-the-counter brands ranging across sunless tan lotion, acne treatments, rejuvenation products and more. Due to supply chain scarcity for retailers as well as the shifting consumer preferences for DTC beauty and health purchases, Crown Laboratories has sustained momentum in the wake of the COVID crisis. In the United States alone, the health category has seen a 21% increase in online shopping. 

Pivoting Production to Address Market Needs

“Crown is a fully integrated and diversified company with a broad range of product offerings. Our diversified portfolio sustained our business during this pandemic, giving us a chance to engage in new business when other companies were struggling to stay open,” says Jeff Bedard, President and CEO of Crown Laboratories. “Operating in a 200,000 square-foot cGMP-compliant facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, Crown is the expert in the full spectrum of liquid and semi-solid development and manufacturing services.” Despite opportunity for the brand sector, as most industries, the difference in consumer discretionary spending has left an impact. In response to the increased need in sanitization offerings, Crown has dedicated a portion of facilities to produce hand sanitizer.

“When we were solicited to help manufacture hand sanitizer due to shortages from the pandemic, considering our capabilities, both in resources and talent, we moved very quickly to ramp up production,” says Bedard.

“We are proud to provide our community with a hand sanitizer made in a cGMP facility here in the USA.” 

Analyzing Opportunity & Providing Response

Now is the time for legacy brands and companies to reassess business operations, capabilities and offerings to meet the demand of the marketplace. As the evolving COVID continues to accelerate digital transformation, alter consumer behavior and drive changes across industries, leaders must analyze opportunity and adapt. MediaCrossing has created a series of white papers dedicated to helping leadership analyze and act on opportunity.



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