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Embracing Digital Transformation - The Time is Now

April 9, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team

Introducing digital-first strategies to your business.

For many businesses, the concept and implementation of digital transformation has been a challenge, while others have welcomed transformation with open arms. For those that owe much of their success to building personal, face-to-face relationships with their customers, the introduction of digital transformation to their business has been tepid. In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses are forced to deal with the cancellation of events and gatherings that once provided a jumping off point for future sales opportunities. Others are struggling with how to translate and communicate their offerings digitally. 

If your business is struggling on where to get started with digital transformation, MX has compiled a list of tips and thought starters to help get you started:

Focus on what makes your offerings unique. 

Does your product or service have a key attribute or unique characteristic that requires a “show, don’t tell” approach? If the answer is yes, how have you demonstrated this value historically? For every tactic, try to find a digital approach that matches. For example, if trade shows were a key part of your previous marketing mix, think of ways you can engage with your prospects similarly online. This may be developing and publishing tutorial videos on social, or running a dedicated digital campaign with a custom B2B audience.  

Think of ways to shift the conversation.

Networking events and conventions are a staple for many businesses to engage with industry colleagues  and potential clients. Although physical restrictions have been temporarily placed, introductions can still be made and relationships can still be fostered, virtually. Think of the connections you’ve made in the past, and how you establish similar relationships via digital platforms. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn has proven to be a great resource to engage and connect with like minded professionals. If your business has an exciting opportunity or is in the midst of an ongoing project, think of how you can communicate these points online.

Learn (and lead) by example.

For some business categories, digital transformation seems nearly unimaginable. In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, this mentality has been challenged by businesses who have found unique ways to pivot their traditional approaches, and integrate digital into their business. The recent surge in remote working, online medical consultations, and virtual events are just a few examples of ways organizations are rising up and pivoting their strategy to digital during this challenging time. If the concept of integrating digital into your marketing strategy feels like a challenge, research and become familiar with the strategies that your competitors have been utilized - especially during COVID-19.

Finding ways to constantly evolve your digital strategy.

If the transition to a digital-first strategy is a relatively new concept for your business, you may be fearful of exploring uncharted territory. In order to successfully immerse your business in the digital landscape, you will need to continuously develop, test, and refine digital strategies to determine which approaches work best for your business. Consult with your team to brainstorm content and push out ideas on how to engage with your customers through a mix of digital platforms, channels, and messaging styles. Now more than ever, it’s essential to continue to stay connected with your customers to keep your brand relevant. 

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