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How Can You Keep Your Business Going?

March 31, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team

Your customers’ journey isn’t ending - it’s transforming


The idea of consumers suddenly losing the need or interest for your business is scary. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s completely understandable. While consumers may not be ready to buy right now, your business can pivot its current strategy to keep audiences engaged while setting yourself up for long term success. 


Create or enhance your digital engagement platforms

Increased time spent online means consumers are prolonging the awareness and consideration phases of their customer journey - meaning more time spent learning about your brand. Can your business be found on all relevant digital channels? If the answer is yes, does your content accurately and effectively represent your brand? Use this time to evaluate and revamp your digital presence. Click to learn more about transforming your brand voice.

Repurpose your brand - Find ways to be productive and creative, in a cost-efficient way

Businesses are getting crafty in how they’re engaging and providing services to their core audience. Many businesses are utilizing virtual communication tools (i.e. FaceTime, social “live” features, Zoom) to offer current and prospective consumers a chance to trial their offerings. Think virtual consultations, live classes, or video tutorials.

Plan for the future - what can you do now that will pay off later?

Can your brand leverage new or existing digital channels to develop the framework for a future strategy or sale? Think of higher education institutions utilizing LinkedIn to spread awareness on future enrollment opportunities. If your offering is a high consideration purchase, start talking to publishers about a lead generation campaign to kickstart a long sale cycle.   

Use this as a time to educate yourself to unlock your business’s potential

Tap into webinars, training seminars, or any sort of opportunity that’s available for professional development. Explore your current digital channels and learn more about their offerings - are you using their available features and capabilities to their full potential?


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