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Matt McGuire Joins MediaCrossing Inc. as New Vice President of Sales

June 24, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team

Agency Continues to Focus on Helping Companies Get Back to Business

Stamford, CT (June 15, 2020) MediaCrossing Inc., founded in 2012, announced today that Matt McGuire has joined the Company as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at the leading digital media firm. McGuire joins MediaCrossing from MNI Targeted Media, a Meredith Corp. company known for its award-winning, targeted and integrated digital marketing work on behalf of wide-range of brands.

“It was an important time to bring McGuire to MediaCrossing,” says Michael Kalman, CEO. The world has changed, and it was critical to hire more talented executives that can work with our clients and new brands to make sure they get back to business in a meaningful way.” With over 20 years of experience in sales and business development, McGuire brings a wealth of knowledge to the Stamford-based agency.

“Right now, it’s about helping all companies,” explains McGuire, who is known for his focus on producing strong, bottom-line results for emerging and established brands. For three consecutive years he was recognized as one of the top 10 sales executives at MNI Targeted Media. His prior positions include sales development roles at Mediaspace Solutions, a full-service print and digital media planning and buying agency and Ocean Media, one of the largest independent media agencies. In addition, he served as the director of advertising at Priceline.com.

“The last few months have presented challenges, that marketers have never encountered before,” adds Kalman. Right now, we’re bringing even more resources to the firm to meet the current, needs of our clients head-on. This is not about our agency’s growth, but rather about doing everything we can for marketers as they navigate a new digital media landscape.”

Last month, MediaCrossing launched MXEdge to assist and execute strategic digital advertising to distinguish them from competitors and meet goals.
marketers of small and medium businesses ‘get back to work.’ The firm has always partnered with companies nationwide to plan “Right now, it’s all about efficiency to achieve even faster results,” adds Kalman. “We’re taking a streamlined, ‘get it done’ approach that supports companies reopening in this environment.”

This is unchartered territory,” says McGuire, “The obstacles presented by COVID-19 and the volatile environment overall means we have to work with our clients to change course frequently, even on a daily basis.”

According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum, advertisers have adapted during this time by following consumers, which means prioritizing digital advertising, “If these companies want to make a difference with each and every dollar they dedicate to advertising, they should leave it to experts,” says McGuire.

MediaCrossing’s clients represent industries across the board, including B2B services, health/beauty, financial institutions, retail and higher education.

MediaCrossing is actively growing its sales team to drive growth. Please reach out to matt@mediacrossing.com for more information about joining our team.


About MediaCrossing Inc./MXEdge
MediaCrossing Inc. was founded in 2012 with the intention of bringing advertising tools, technology and and expertise normally reserved for the largest brands to entrepreneurial and emerging growth companies stand out from the competition when it matters most. Laser-focused and strategic, the firm’s primary goal is to generate results, navigating the ever-changing, challenging digital media landscape. MXEdge was created to help the growing number of companies trying to steer through the ever-present complexity of the digital media landscape, especially during the current environment. 

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