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How Can You Rally Your Team to Fight Back?

March 31, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team

Promoting positivity + productivity amidst the underlying uncertainty + fear


People are concerned about their health and livelihood, first and foremost, but also their finances, jobs, children’s education, and more. According to research conducted by MDC and The Harris Poll, 87% of consumers have become concerned with American health as a whole, while the number of those concerned with the American economy has jumped to 91% as the pandemic progresses. These feelings are certainly justified, so how do we help our fellow communities - both personally and professionally - during this challenging time?


It’s essential for businesses to understand their impact in providing their employees with outlets of positivity and productivity in a time of uncertainty. Here are a few tips your business can hone in on to help your employees navigate the unknown:

Your employees want transparency and clear communication

Keep clarity and honesty a priority  when communicating with your employees about their future and your plans. Their well-being and safety, as well as their families, are a key focus - and it’s important to remind them that. Here at MX, we’ve found tremendous value in scheduling a weekly company wide check-in to provide important company updates, and to address any questions or challenges our employees may be facing as they adjust to their “new normal.” 

Take the time to educate

In a time when there is a bevy of misinformation floating around, keeping your employees equipped with accurate and applicable resources. Regularly share CDC updates, materials on employee wellness programs, or information regarding their benefit package to help alleviate some of the fear your employees may be facing.

Find ways to make team morale a priority

To combat increased levels of anxiety and stress, businesses are finding unique ways to provide positivity and comfort during a time of prolonged isolation. Virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, or lunch and learns are a few examples of activities that can facilitate engagement amongst employees.  

Be mindful of impacted workflows

With 63% of US advertising professionals experiencing workplace restrictions due to COVID-19, it’s more than likely your employees are facing the challenges that come with an abrupt workplace transition. Take the time to set realistic expectations and regroup with your employees on policies related to productivity, time management, or availability. 

In addition to this, ensure that your employees home workspace is set up for success, click here to learn more about Internal Structure & Communication Tools.


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