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Supporting The Jordan Porco Foundation

May 7, 2020 by MediaCrossing Team
teens suicide prevention

MediaCrossing is founded upon the principle that a company or organization is made up of the people: we are humble, hungry, and human. It’s a core tenant of our operation. We value our team members, families and communities, understanding that we play an important role in many peoples’ lives. 

We have remained dedicated to the community through volunteerism in pro-bono digital advertising work, community fundraisers, mentorship programs and more. One organization, with which we have a strong relationship, is The Jordan Porco Foundation. 

The Jordan Porco Foundation is committed to preventing suicide in the high school, college, and college entry student population. Through awareness, education, and innovative programming, JPF is challenging stigma around mental health and help-seeking, creating open conversations about the prevalence of suicide and mental health issues in the young adult population, and saving lives.

The Jordan Porco Foundation, as most non-profits, relies on in-person events and workshops for spreading the message of hope and fundraising to sustain operations and support the work that the organization is committed to carrying out. As organizations pivot to a digital economy, non-profits have been especially hard hit during this transition. 

The Jordan Porco Foundation annual gala, traditionally a large in-person event culminating in a years’ worth of activities, will now be held virtually on Saturday, May 16th from 7-8pm EST.

We encourage those of you who have the ability to join the gala as well as participate in the silent auction online. While the pivot to digital has been unexpected, the gala is now limitless - individuals from across the country can attend behind a screen. 

You can find more information about The Jordan Porco Foundation and the 2020 Jordan’s Journey Online Gala here.



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